Dentist choosing Toothbrush

Dentists choosing toothbrush

Dentists expect that the toothbrush is the most fundamental tool for maintaining oral hygiene. There are millions of toothbrushes on the market now a days that promises to give you the best result, from soft to hard, rubber, nylon brushes.

Dentists believe that, kinds of brush, shape and size of the head and how often brushes are replaced, are the most important questions.

Soft brush is very important for the health of the gums most which most dentists recommend. A small head can get around each tooth completely and is less likely to damage the gums. Dentists insists frequency daily brushing and replacement by a new brush is far more important matters (at least once a month). Brushing twice a day is the minimum requirement.




- Tdl. Nadya Esfahani

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